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The Medical Wellness Association (MWA) is an international professional organization that developed Medical Wellness definitions and recommend guidelines and standards of quality care.  MWA sets, measures and evaluates industry standards for Medical Wellness programs and providers for the international Health and Wellness community.  The Association is the leading organization committed to promote Medical Wellness best practices, professional standards for programs, professionals, providers, products and services. The Medical Wellness Association promotes and integrates professional development of medical wellness and health promotion programs, professionals, facilities, products and services. As the professional association and networking alliance for the international medical wellness professionals, MWA provides leadership, promotes high standards and integration and advances the development medical wellness and health fitness programs, products and services.

The Medical Wellness Association offers many opportunities to reach our members and partners.  We believe that our advertising partners provide a unique value to our member base through a member-specific approach. We strive for ideas that define and magnify the purpose of our Health and Wellness causes, brands and services. The core of MWA advertising is the creation of initiatives that encourages new levels of engagement and action among its partners and members.

MWA Segment & Reach Information:

Who We Serve

Corporate Partners & Sponsors
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Health & Medical Clinics
Physicians & Medical Providers
Medical Wellness Providers
Health & Wellness Companies

Population Health Providers
Disease Management
Allied Health Professionals
Employee Wellness Providers
Health & Wellness Coaches
Health Fitness Professionals
Medical Equipment Providers

Neutraceuticals & Supplements
Medical Tourism
Medical Spas
Universities & Schools
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Advertising & Marketing Opportunities:

  • Medical Wellness Association Sponsor and Preferred Partner Opportunities
  • Medical Wellness Preferred Provider Partner Guide
  • Medical Wellness Association Partner & Member Directory
  • Media Kit
  • Press Releases & Press Conferences
  • MWA Website, Emails & Print Marketing Advertising
  • Banner Ads for MWA Website & Publications
  • Medical Wellness Forum – Summit Events Partners & Sponsors
  • Webinar Partners & Sponsors
  • Company and Organizational Linked Logos
  • Company Ads for Branding, Recruitment Advertising & Job listings.

How To Get Started:

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