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Medical Wellness Article Index

The Profession Of Medical Wellness

– Defining Medical Wellness
– Defining Optimal Well-Being
– Finding Meaning In Medicine
– Wellness Coaching and The Collaborative Problem Solving Model
– What Is Medical Wellness?

The Vision Of Leadership

– One-On-One Christopher Breuleux: Vision for Medical Wellness
– One-On-One George Pfeiffer: Trends In Workplace Health Promotion
– One-On-One Robert Karch: Health Promotion Trends In Wellness

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

– Acupuncture Alternative For Women With Menopause
– Acupuncture As A Supplemental Therapy
– CAM: National Survey Results
– Defining Manual and Massage Therapy Medical Codes
– Rolfing for Structural Integration and Wellness
– Therapeutic Massage for Healthcare Services
– What Is Complementary And Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

Clinical Practice Of Medical Wellness

– Change Your WorkPlace to a “WellPlace”
– Clinical Trial on Laser Therapy as a Pain Control Modality
– The Basics of Back Pain Evaluation and Treatment
– The Efficacy Of Chiropractic Treatment For Lower Back Pain
– Trends In Medical Spas
– Understanding Fibromyalgia Syndrome
– Wellness and Fitness Testing: Key Service Concepts
– Whole Person Wellness: Restoring Balance

Nutrition, Diet & Weight Management

– Designing Food Plans: Tracy Stopler, RD
– Avoiding Nutritional Quackery
– Chocolate: Good for the Mind, Body & Spirit
– Developing a Weight Loss Program
– Good News For Coffee Drinkers: Beneficial Antioxidants In Java
– Organic vs. Non-Organic Labeling
– Providing Support For Weight Loss

Social, Emotional & Psychological Wellness

– Depression Is Underdiagnosed and Undertreated
– Enhancing Well-Being By Understanding Grief & Taking A Loss History
– Living Through and Surviving Traumatic Events
– Managing Stress, Managing Wellness

The Business Of Medical Wellness

– Developing Medical Wellness Facilities
– Liability Considerations for Personal Trainers & Facility Business Owner
– Purchasing Medical and Wellness Equipment