MWA Distinguished Best of Medical Wellness

Become a Distinguished Medical Wellness Organization or Company with “The Best of Medical Wellness Award” and Best in Class Quality Recognition

The cornerstone of the Medical Wellness Association  Distinguished Award and MWA Recognition is “The Best of Medical Wellness” Awards process. This prestigious initiative recognizes quality and excellence in medical wellness, clinical, community and employee health promotion. Driven by a rigid set of criteria, organizations of all kinds join and make application for the “Best of Medical Wellness” Awards with MWA.

Recent “Best of Medical Wellness” Award Winners include:

American College of Wellness

The American University

Active Wellness

Active Sports Clubs

Akron General Health System


Bradshaw Memorial Hermann Wellness

The Claremont Club

Club One

Concept2 CTS

Consumer Wellness Advocate

Fabiano Designs

Fine Hygienic Holding

Florida Medical Tourism

GE Fitness, GE Aircraft Engines

HBU University Fitness & Wellness Center

Health Club Experts

Health Promotion Live

Healthy Learning

Hopkins Hospital Wellness Center

Hotze Health and Wellness


Hummingbird Coaching

Keiser Institute

Marathon Fitness

Medical Wellness, University of Miami

Memorial Herman Health System


National Wellness Institute

OLC Designs

Ondamed Companies

Peak Performance Physical Therapy

Precor, Inc

Private Health News

Procter & Gamble

Rush-Copley Healthplex



SportsArt Fitness

Sports Fitness Insurance

SPRI Products


Stott Pilates


Total Gym

TriHealth Pavilion

Troy Fitness

University of Miami, Miller School Medicine

University of Wisconsin, Stevens Pointe

Wellness Medical Protection Group


WorkCare Group


MWA Best in Class Quality Recognition

MWA Pediatric Award of the Year

Fine Baby Pediatric Award Honors, * Fine Baby is the only Diaper product to receive this Medical Wellness Award

MWA Distinguished Medical Wellness Association Service Award Honorees 

Dr. Steven Hotze, M.D.
Dr. Robert Sallis,  M.D.
Dr. John Lewis, Ph.D.
Dr. John Munson, Ph.D.
Mr. John McCarthy
Mr. Mike Alpert
Dr. Kevin Steele, Ph.D
Ms. Amy Blansit, M.A.
Dr. John La Puma, M.D
Dr. Jason Conviser, Ph.D.
Ms. Lauve Metcalfe, M.S.
Dr. Robert Karch, Ed. D.
Mr. James Lafferty
Dr. Christopher Breuleux, Ph.D.
George Pfeiffer, M. A.
Dr. Dennis Colacino, Ph.D

Medical Wellness Association Diplomat (MWD) Honors and Recognition

In 2002, The Medical Wellness Association formally created and developed the professional requirements for recognizing our “MWA Diplomat(MWD), designation honoring members who have demonstrated exceptional service to the Medical Wellness Association, the industry and professional community. The Association provides a means to recognize leadership excellence, service and significant contributions to the medical wellness industry, and leadership in the Medical Wellness Association. The MWA Diplomat status is an awarded honor reserved for active members who are allied medical wellness health providers, physicians, healthcare and university Medical Wellness professionals with a demonstrated expertise in medicine and wellness whose documented credentials and accomplishments support the objectives of the Medical Wellness Association.

International Medical Wellness Association Diplomats

James Bell, Ph.D., IFPA, FIISM, MWD, CEO, International Fitness Professionals Association, Tampa, Florida

Dr. Craig Brandman, M.D., CEO, Founder & CEO, StepOneHealth, San Francisco, California

Christopher Breuleux, Ph.D., FAWHP, FACW, MTI, MWD, President, Medical Wellness Association, Houston, Texas

Amy Blansit, M.A., CWD, FACW, MWD, American College of Wellness, Springfield, Missouri

Dr. Anoop Chaturvedi, M.D., MWD, President, Anti-aging Medicine & Research, Amaya International, Mumbai, India

Dennis Colacino, Ph.D., FAWHP, MWD, Purchase, New York

Jason Conviser, Ph.D., FACSM, MWD, President, One Small World, Chicago, Illinois

Eric Durak, MS, MWD, CEO, Medical Health and Fitness, Santa Barbara, California

Raymond Hall, D.C., MWD, Pacific Coast Sports Medicine, Los Angeles, California

Dr. Steven Hotze, M.D., MWD, Founder & CEO, Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Houston, Texas

Robert Karch, Ed.D., MWD, Executive Director, National Center for Health Fitness, American University, Washington DC

Dr. John La Puma, M.D., F.A.C.P. MWD, Founder, CHEF Clinic and ChefMD, Santa Barbara, California

Mr. James Lafferty, B.S., Olympic Coach & CEO, Fine Hygienic Holding, Dubai, UAE

John Lewis, PhD., MWD, Miller School of Medicine, Medical Wellness Center, University of Miami, Miami, Florida

Jean-Aime Medici, PhD, Founder & CEO, Mithra Health, Paris, France

Lauve Metcalfe, M.S., FAWP, MWD, WellCoach, College of Medicine, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

John W. Munson, Ph.D., MWD, Board Chairman, The National Wellness Institute,  Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Gijs van Oort , PhD,  COO, Practiva Health & N-Gage, San Antonio, Texas

George Pfeiffer, FAWP, MWD, President, The WorkCare Group, Charlottesville, Virginia

Brian Sekula, Ph.D., President, The Health Performance Institute, Missouri City, Texas

Kevin Steele, Ph.D., MWD, Vice President, Communication Consultants, Los Angeles, California