Benefits of the MWA Professional Acceptance and Certification

Whether you are a Company, Hospital, Health, Medical or Wellness Provider – measuring and improving your medical wellness quality outcomes is key to your success. With this certification, multiple business benefits are obtained.

  • Achieve Medical Wellness Highest Quality Recognition Status
  • Analyze the quality, Performance and Outcomes of your Product, Program, Service or Research
  • Increase Company/Product Brand and Market Awareness    
  • Measure Outcome Results and Evaluate Return on Investment
  • Review Clinical/Product Research and Compare with Leading Brands
  • Apply New Marketing and Branding Strategies

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Consumer Wellness Advocate Training and Certification Training

Wellness Advocate Training & Certification
Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA) Online Training

The Consumer Wellness Advocate Program is to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, abilities and credentialing required to help prevent illness, injury, disability, and disease as well as promote lifelong well-being. The Consumer Wellness Advocate Program accomplishes its mission through awarding the Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA) certification after successful completion of the online course. Participants explore 10 dimensions of personal wellness: learn to rate and evaluate oneself with wellness activities to improve their health and wellbeing. Learn how wellness activities can build healthy productive lifestyles. Wellness Advocate participants become certified wellness advocates and includes a 52 week wellness connection program delivered online to engage in weekly wellness activities designed to promote healthy living choices. Become a certified Consumer Wellness Advocate easily by completely this innovative Wellness Advocate Training online. The Consumer Wellness Advocate program focuses on teaching people of all ages how to make and practice health giving choices. It has often been said that a “Pound of prevention is worth a ton of reaction.” Putting wellness practice into your life is a gift to yourself making your life more enjoyable and productive. This Medical Wellness training program is interactive, provides solid life enhancing information and follows-up over time so that practicing wellness becomes a way of life. Register now for the Online Wellness Advocate Training and Certification for only $59.00 (Includes both Consumer Wellness Advocate Training Program and the CWA Certificate.) This Online Wellness Advocate CWA Training is provided by approved code registrations with the Medical Wellness Association.

Exercise Medicine & Working Well Post Rehab Programs

Certification may be the next best step for your career — consider the benefit of knowing how to work with any number of clients with medical conditions. Cancer survivors, diabetic or pre-diabetic, seniors, arthritis, and other conditions benefit from exercise. Health insurance providers encourage self-care in conjunction with medical services, and there’s a growing need for health and fitness professionals to offer exercise therapy and wellness as part of the continuum of care. The Exercise Medicine Certification program is recommended & can be bundled with The Working Well Certification — to promote the benefits of EXERCISE for prevention and chronic care of work injuries. Who is this course designed for? Health and fitness professionals who are currently certified and have experience in the field, but would like to expand their client base to include medically-based patients and interact with physicians and physical therapists regarding workplace-injured workers who would benefit from long-term exercise programs. Working Well combines the best of clinical exercise instruction with knowledge of worker’s compensation claims information to help prevent injuries in workers, and get injured workers back to work sooner, while costing their employers less in health care costs.

Exercise Medicine

The evolution of post-rehabilitative exercise marks the beginning of the integration of exercise with medicine. Our comprehensive course — Exercise Medicine, is a thorough, well researched and documented publication that details exercise programming for over 25 medical conditions. This course incorporates the best of strength training, exercise progression, exercise physiology, and blends them with the basics of physical assessment and laboratory testing.Progressive exercise used in a medical situation will show improvements in blood lab values independent of medical procedures alone. According to Medical Wellness Association Faculty, Dr. Jason Conviser — there is not one cardiovascular illness or behavioral condition that does not benefit from a properly prescribed exercise program. Exercise Medicine allows fitness professionals to learn the elements of medicine and begin to apply exercise principles with referred patients. Order the Exercise Medicine Program alone

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Working Well & Exercise Medicine Bundle

The Medical Wellness Association & MedHealthFit saw the need to combine aspects of clinical exercise, worker’s compensation and the health, fitness & exercise industry. Often employees who are injured on the job are referred to a worker’s compensation physician, who may prescribe a drug and in some instances, refer to physical therapy. Physical fitness is rarely assessed. Working Well training looks at the big picture and considers the entire physical well being of an employee, not just the area of injury. The research is clear – those who are fit are more productive, have fewer accidents and in general are more productive employees. Working Well incorporates on-the-job-exercise and stretching programs that reduce the likelihood of injuries. Working Well has a direct relationship to specific reimbursement for these unique fitness programs. The Working Well Program is geared for health professionals that would like to contract with manufacturing and labor companies to promote exercise at their facilities. The program spells out information regarding return to work restrictions, physician recommendations and other aspects of job performance which exercise may play an important role.

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The latest health care and wellness certification program that allows health and fitness professionals to work directly with patient-centered blood lab companies to provide labs to clients.  This course details the elements of the major blood lab tests that may be affected by exercise and lifestyle changes.