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The MWA Wellness Advocate Training Program is to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, abilities and credentialing required to help prevent illness, injury, disability, and disease as well as promote lifelong well-being. The MWA Wellness Advocate Program accomplishes its mission through awarding the Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA) certification after successful completion of the online course.  Participants explore 10 dimensions of personal wellness: learn to rate and evaluate oneself with wellness activities to improve their health and wellbeing. Learn how wellness activities can build healthy productive lifestyles. Wellness Advocate participants become certified wellness advocates and includes a 52 week wellness connection program delivered online to engage in weekly wellness activities designed to promote healthy living choices. Become a certified Consumer Wellness Advocate easily by completely this innovative Wellness Advocate Training online. The Consumer Wellness Advocate program focuses on teaching people of all ages how to make and practice health giving choices. It has often been said that a “Pound of prevention is worth a ton of reaction.” Putting wellness practice into your life is a gift to yourself making your life more enjoyable and productive. This Medical Wellness training program is interactive, provides solid life enhancing information and follows-up over time so that practicing wellness becomes a way of life.

A Online science-based program focused on food, sleep, stress and exercise. There are 12 Modules on topics covering how and why people people get hungry, nutrition, exercise and more.

“Breath AS Medicine For Medical Wellness 25 hour Training”

Breath AS Medicine 25-Hour TrainingEd Harrold’s “Breath AS Medicine” (BAM) breathwork training is a highly effective modality for both the prevention of illness as well as therapy for managing and/or reversing existing chronic illness. With evidence-based concepts & strategies, this breathwork training is specifically designed for healthcare and wellness professionals who want to learn the art, science and application of yoga breathing as a self-care, wellness & well-being, patient care and patient education practice in prevention, lifestyle medicine, behavior change and supplement to conventional care.

8-week program starts Oct. 5, 2020
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The hallmark of cancer wellness education is the Cancer Fit-CARE program, which details the role of exercise, nutrition, mind-body medicine and the marketing of cancer wellness programs within the wellness industry.

Cancer Fit-CARE was created in 2000, now in it’s Sixth Edition, this certification program is one of the nation’s top medically-based wellness education programs. It includes the Fit-CARE manual, online education modules and CD with presentations for instructors.   From research to clinical practice, medical fitness to national wellness workshops,  Cancer Fit-CARE has promoted wellness as an integral part of the standard of care for cancer education. With our latest edition of Cancer Fit-CARE, and our value-added programs with Step One Health and the Cancer Fit-CARE Coaching program, we are entering into a new era in exercise for cancer care.  Our mission is to bring cancer wellness exercise and nutrition standards of care programs to the forefront of the health and medical wellness industry.

Professionals who are interested in more client referrals and working with clients independent of a club setting should consider lifestyle interventions coaching. For instructors who wish to work one-on-one or in the group setting with patients outside of the club setting (via phone and skype), we offer Cancer Fit-CARE Coaching, a comprehensive supportive care program that provides a personal intervention approach to successful recovery care using exercise and nutrition. This coaching program will help those living with cancer take an active role in achieving a healthier body and strong immune system.  Cancer Fit-CARE Coaching incorporates the strength of independent lab testing through our affiliate partner: StepOne Health and includes specific nutritional plans based on lab results. It is a comprehensive approach that uses exercise, nutrition and personal intervention to increase the odds of long-term survivorship of cancer survivors. Those living with cancer can take an active role in achieving a healthier body and strong immune system through the Fit-CARE personal intervention program.