According to studies, the human body is home to more than 1,000 species of bacteria. Although some of these bacteria are beneficial to us, a majority of them are harmful, and we need to prevent them from infecting our bodies. It is important to be critical of which products you allow to come in contact with your body and your surroundings – choosing the right product can be a tedious process and not many consumers know how to do it. Therefore, the Family Hygiene Institute is committed to raising awareness of how to distinguish between a clean and safe product, and a hazardous one. From medical standards to health and safety measures taken during production, the FHI encourages manufacturers of products to implement the needed methods to ensure the safety and health of their consumers.

Today, hygiene related products are usually available over the counter, and consumers are faced with a wide range of brands to choose from. It is vital to understand the hygienic factor of these products while choosing them. The FHI’s mission is to elevate consumers’ understanding of this fact to help build a more healthy and hygienic society, globally. FHI, as experts in our field, review and certify family products and facilities that adhere to strong hygiene standards in the brand’s field of production. These processes, if applied correctly, can assist in preventing the spread of disease-causing organisms.

The first step towards a safer society is through acknowledging the importance of hygienic products. More awareness is needed when it comes to hygiene and safety. Consumers should be encouraged to read the ingredients and manufacturing details of the products they purchase and understand if hygiene provisions were made in the manufacturing process. FHI endeavors to help simplify consumers’ lives, via undertaking this revision on their behalf. During this revision process, experts and Wellness professionals will determine which brands manifest the strongest hygienic practices in their production, award them, and assist consumers in choosing the right products for their everyday use. The categories under review are: disinfectant, cleaning, grooming, and sterilized brands.

Keeping your body clean helps prevent illness and infection from bacteria or viruses, but if the wrong products are used the implications can be deadly. Hence, we believe, it is our proud responsibility, as professional and medical experts, to safeguard global consumers by providing them with a quality mark that they can trust. The institute’s strict regulations and review polices certify the production methodology of trusted hygienic brands. The FHI is moving, with steady steps, towards a cleaner world through building consumer faith, that the products they choose are, indeed, safe and hygienic.