The main step towards a safer society, is through acknowledging the importance of hygienic products in our daily lives. That is why the FHI’s mission has always been to raise awareness on the importance of hygiene and safety. FHI routinely studies the multitude of internationally recognized hygiene practices and products, and endeavors to understand and communicate which of these practices and products would best elevate the hygiene standards of our families and communities.

In 2020, FHI will use the Brand of the Decade Awards to communicate to consumers the brands that have relentlessly strived for excellent hygiene production standards in their respective sector. Our esteemed faculty members shortlisted global consumer brands which later qualified to the revision phase. During this revision process, experts and professionals determined which brands manifested the strongest hygienic value and principles.

The product categories that were review are; “Disinfectant products”, “Sterilized products”, “Cleaning products” and “Grooming products”.

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the following award winners;

Family Hygiene Institute - Disinfectant Brand of the Decade


DAC Disinfectant was awarded the Disinfectant Brand of The Decade for offering consumers the best results of cleanliness, most advanced disinfection for their houses.

Family Hygiene Institute - Sterilized Brand of the Decade


Fine tissues was awarded the Sterilized Brand of The Decade for seeking out increasingly innovative methods and technologies that ensure that 99.9% of germs are eliminated during the manufacturing process.

Family Hygiene Institute - Cleaning Brand of the Decade


FAIRY was awarded the Cleaning Brand of The Decade for their consistent and rigorous product ingredient tests to ensure safety of use in households.

Family Hygiene Institute - Grooming Brand of the Decade


NIVEA was awarded Grooming Brand of The Decade for their investments in, and constant pursuit of technologically advanced product formulas to meet the needs of different skin types, age groups, and genders.

It is our hope as a global institute, that these awards will help our communities navigate the sea of consumer products out there, to easily identify those that would best benefit the hygiene standards of their families. FHI will continue to guide consumers and enable access to knowledge about the most hygienic brands to assure that all products endorsed by FHI is made with the highest hygiene standards.