Individual Memberships

The Medical Wellness Association was developed as a multidisciplinary organization to promote medical wellness which makes it the leading source of information and guidelines for high quality medical wellness programs. Your involvement contributes to the continuing advancement of the medical wellness industry and its wide-ranging programs  and services.  Join now and be part of our community by choosing the category that fits you best, and we will be your link to the leading network of international medical wellness professionals from around the world.  Membership through the Medical Wellness Association enables you to expand your professional network, broaden your knowledge, enhance your career, and reward your accomplishments.  The Association provides different levels of membership to meet both your individual and professional needs.


Medical Professional or Health Practitioner whose career involves fundamental and/or practical applications in clinical, research or treatment settings, which encompass the disciplines of medicine, therapy, nutrition, exercise physiology, motor control, psychology, athletic/sports medicine, massage therapy, rehabilitation, or personal training. The practitioner membership is aimed towards medical providers including physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists etc. *This membership is for all approved and active Medical Wellness Association Advisors.


Professional membership is open to anyone who has earned a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree at an accredited institution in a field related to wellness, health, education, fitness, nutrition or exercise science, a therapist. Professionals are also welcome to join who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree or are a licensed professional and are working in a field related to health and medical wellness.


This membership is open to all active personal health, therapist, wellness and fitness individuals who want to become a Wellness Advocate. The Wellness Advocate member may offer a spectrum of services to help patients, employees, and consumers both improve health and navigate the medical, healthcare systems and facilitate interactions with providers. We invite all Health and Wellness Coaches, Physical Therapists and Occupational and Massage Therapists, Dieticians, Health Fitness, Athletic and Personal Trainers, Programmers, Activity directors and other professionals who support medical wellness programs or practices. Wellness Advocate members are all encouraged to complete the Consumer Wellness Advocate Training with the Association and receive the CWA Wellness Advocate Certification.


Associate membership is aimed towards part-time or assistant professionals who obtained undergraduate or certification on courses or degrees related to Medical Wellness, Health and Fitness, Therapy and/or Wellness/Medical spa. Consumers who become a Wellness Advocate can join the Association. This membership Includes Teachers, Part-time Employees, Non-profit, Non-Professional and/or Consumer members.


A special membership type open to students enrolled in a college/university degree or advanced training program related to Health Promotion, Medical, Wellness,  Health Fitness, Exercise Science, Therapy and/or Medicine during the academic year.