Medical Wellness Hygiene Program

    By checking the following statements in “B” and “C”, I agree and attest to each item.

    B. Specific to Pathogen and Infection Control Training:

    C. Proper Cleaning and Disinfecting for Facility, Equipment & Product:

    D. Attestations:

    Agree to provide Medical Wellness Association (MWA) all information as requested and necessary for MWA to perform the services to be rendered under this certification agreement. The parties agree and acknowledge that MWA shall be able to rely on such information as provided by the Client’s signed representative(s) and that all information shared between both parties in connection with this document shall remain confidential, to be used only for the purposes herein intended.

    Agreed Expectations:

    MWA will:
    1. Respect the confidentiality of the process and outcomes and not share outside of {client} except where permission is granted by {client's} designated representative to use agreed information or outcomes as 'distinguished examples' in other presentations or projects,
    2. Involve {client} in the process, showing respect for and responding to questions and calls, providing feedback on whether or not suggestions offered by staff would work in specific situations, and, evaluating to determine if the established process outcomes where truly met by the changes implemented,
    3. Understand and follow {client’s} chain of command, with the designated representative serving as primary contact and his/her receiving sensitive materials in advance for review prior to distribution to other parties, if needed.
    CLIENT will:
    1. Provide MWA with requested materials to start application process and keep to desired time frames,
    2. Collaborate on developments, needs and assignments,
    3. Respect the confidentiality of all the materials that are considered "MWA proprietary" and do not use for purposes other than the internal benefit of {client}.
    BOTH PARTIES will:
    1. Provide open and honest communication and dialogue.

    I attest that myself, all practitioner and/or care providers, and our facility, will follow the accepted standards on hygiene and infection control; and, I further attest to the validity and reliability of the protocols and processes as well as the evaluative, cleaning & disinfection products used in conjunction with our hygiene standards and infection controls used at the facility named above.