Medical Wellness Marketing and Branding Opportunities

With globalization of consumer business, and brand differentiation is becoming more critical for success.  A proven means to differentiate your brand and increase market awareness is to building brand equity. Many of the world’s leading brands have as a cornerstone of their marketing mix the element of professional acceptance and certification endorsement.  MWA offers a Professional endorsement option leveraging the MWA’s logo and seal of approval to brands which are proven in research to benefit consumer health, fitness and wellness. The MWA professional endorsements can take many forms from design, packaging, to press releases, above-the-line, below-the-line, digital, and in-store marketing MWA is honored to have worked with some of the leading consumer companies in the world to lend MWA credibility to brands which promote health and wellness. Our Global Partners include Procter and Gamble, Fine Corporation, Minute Maid and others.

The Medical Wellness Association offers many opportunities to reach our MWA Advisors,members and partners.  We believe that our advertising partners provide a unique value to our member base through a member-specific approach. We strive for ideas that define and magnify the purpose of our Health and Wellness causes, brands and services. The core of MWA marketing and branding advertising is the creation of initiatives that encourages new levels of engagement and action among its partners and members. Through our co-branding partnership, we will provide our target marketed approach and help you improve your customer loyalty, perceived value and satisfaction. MWA’s marketing goal is to develop win win partnerships to help market and promote your superior products and quality services.

MWA Marketing & Branding

  • Medical Wellness Branding Support and Consulting
  • Medical Wellness Association Expert Faculty Support & Certification  
  • Partner Company Ads with MWA Product Branding
  • MWA Branding Partner Kits with Sponsor Options
  • MWA Name Logo Signage and Billboards
  • MWA Website, Emails & Print Marketing Advertising
  • Banner Ads for MWA Website & Publications
  • Medical Wellness Forum – Summit Events Webinar, Partners & Sponsors
  • MWA & Company/Organizational Linked Logos and Packaging
  • Company Ads for Branding, Recruitment Advertising & Job listings 
  • MWA Press Releases & Press Conferences

How To Get Started:

Schedule an initial consultation by completing the form below to begin our MWA branding partner process. You may contact Medical Wellness Association if you have questions or to learn more on how MWA can help you.