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The Medical Wellness Association is the leading international professional association focused on the integrated medical wellness industry and disciplines by providing valuable support to both our MWA Organization Partners along with all of our Medical Wellness Advisors and professional  members.  The Medical Wellness Association was developed as a multidisciplinary organization that integrates medical and wellness professionals to work together to advance the medical wellness profession (Industry).  MWA is positioned as the leading source of professional information, standards and guidelines for high quality and evidenced based medical wellness programs. Your involvement makes possible the continuing advancement of the medical wellness industry for new development, innovation, technology training and education.  MWA is your link to our professional network of international medical wellness advisors and industry experts from around the world. MWA serves its members, partners and advisors by providing timely and up-to-date resources, program definitions, professional standards and making wellness a vital global priority.

MWA serves the following medical and wellness professions including:  Medical, Wellness, Healthcare, Education, Business, Industry, Science, Technology, Social and Community. Specific areas of medical wellness specialty programs include prevention, lifestyle, health promotion, functional, integrative and wellness medicine, therapy and education. With partner, company, organization and professional members around the world (we have members in over 40 countries), MWA is the leading international membership-based organization dedicated to the professional development of individuals working in the field of medical wellness. Click the MWA Membership Benefits drop down list below:

MWA Membership Benefits

  • Medical Wellness Association Annual Membership Privileges
  • Membership Appreciation Letter
  • Member Advocacy, Communications News and Informative Updates
    MWA is your voice on key issues and guidelines affecting medical wellness
  • Personalized Medical Wellness Newsletter and Health News
  • Medical Wellness Calendar for all Local, National to International Events & Conferences
  • Plus members will have access to online wellness communications with additional program and support information.
  • MWA Professional Directory Listing
    * Includes Professionals, Advisors, Diplomats, Faculty, Partners and Sponsors
  • The Medical Wellness Partner Guide and Provider Listing Directory  
  • * Includes MWA Partner Guide, Premier Partners, Preferred Providers, Companies and Organizations
  • Medical Wellness Education and Training Opportunities
  • Professional Recognition, Awards, and Fellowship
    Reduced Registration Fees for Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Symposiums
  • Medical Wellness Association Faculty and Speakers Network
    Global MWA Faculty and MWA Advisor Listing locally, regionally and around the world Medical Wellness Professional networking. Medical Wellness networking groups include LinkedIn Medical Wellness Association Group and Facebook Medical Wellness Association Group
  • Discounts on Program and Service Guides and Educational/Training Materials
    Special Rates From Participating MWA Partners for products, services and support.
  • Career Services, job postings and new position opportunities
    MWA is committed to professional growth and development. As you look to further your career or recruiting options, be sure to participate in the career services and job listings.
  • Medical Wellness and Health Fitness search and recruiting services
  • Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities
    MWA is seeking Advisor, Faculty and leadership nominations to enhance member contribution and involvement. The association will provide ongoing information on the importance of volunteer and committee work and how to become involved.
  • Professional Acceptance and Certification Program, notifications and outcomes

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* Annual Memberships are based on the month and year joined and may be renewed annually on anniversary date. MWA membership payments are non-refundable. For specific membership questions, please contact the Medical Wellness Association.