Organization Memberships

The Medical Wellness Association (MWA), is the leading international professional association focused on the integrated health and medical wellness industry.

The Medical Wellness Association was developed as a multidisciplinary organization that integrates medical and wellness professionals to work together to advance the medical wellness profession (Industry).  MWA is positioned as the leading source of professional information, standards and guidelines for high quality and evidenced based medical wellness programs. Your involvement makes possible the continuing advancement of the medical wellness industry for new development, innovation, technology training and education.  MWA is your link to our professional network of international medical wellness advisors and industry experts from around the world. MWA serves its members, partners and advisors by providing timely and up-to-date resources, program definitions, professional standards and making wellness a vital global priority.  Medical Wellness Association serves the following medical and wellness professions including:  Medical, Wellness, Healthcare, Education, Business, Industry, Science, Technology, Social and Community. Specific areas of medical wellness specialty programs include prevention, lifestyle, health promotion, functional, integrative and wellness medicine, therapy, along with professional training, certification  and professional acceptance programs.

With partner, company, organization and professional members around the world (we have members in over 40 countries, and 350 Medical Wellness Advisors), MWA is the leading international membership-based organization dedicated to supporting business, companies and organizations success in the expanding health and medical wellness industry.


MWA Preferred Partners Plus*

  • Partner Organizations
  • Corporate Partners
  • Provider Partners
  • Suppliers/Vendors
  • Companies/Businesses of all types
  • Companies with Multiple Locations

Organizations, companies and businesses of all types select the Preferred Partner Program for marketing support to advertise and promote Medical Wellness programs, products, services, education and training. They provide members with access to leading edge technology support with proven innovative products and services highlighted in the Medical Wellness Partner Guide & MWA Professional Resource Directories. MWA provides our Preferred Partners with targeted opportunities to increase exposure in the growing Medical Wellness business, preventive health and fitness industry. The MWA Preferred Partner membership is also for those who support and supply products or services to our MWA advisors members.


  • Healthcare/Medical Provider
  • Hospital/Medical Group
  • Medical Based Center/Clinic
  • Insurance/Benefit Company
  • Physician Groups
  • Medical Based Wellness/Fitness Center
  • Sports Medicine/Physical Therapy

The medical based membership is for any healthcare institution or medically base provider and group.. This membership provides for a medical and healthcare-hospital recognition and community contribution. This medical membership includes being promoted and listed in both the MWA Provider-Company Partner Guide and the MWA Professional Membership Directory.


  • Company
  • Employer
  • Worksite

This employer membership Includes any company, worksite organization or business group. The company membership includes being promoted and listed in both the company listings for the MWA Company Partner Guide and the MWA Professional Membership Directory.


  • Wellness Center
  • Fitness
  • Employee Wellness
  • Club/Gym
  • Health Fitness Center
  • Group/Personal Training Studio
  • Sports/Training Center
  • Spa & Resorts

Facility membership is geared to helping management, operations and the health fitness wellness program staff. The facility membership program provides MWA Professional Directory and Guide options. If you manage or work in a health fitness, club, spa, resort, hotel, athletic-sports club, training studio, YMCA, employee fitness, company wellness facility or you intend to serve-the aging well, medical fitness, market, therapeutic, assisted living- senior housing location this membership is designed for you.


  • Universities/Colleges
  • Associations/Institute
  • Schools/Training Centers
  • Public/Government
  • Community Services

This category of membership is open to academic institutions, public, government, or community, serving non-profit* organizations. Academic include universities, colleges, schools, institutes or professional training centers. We support community serving organizations that focus on providing health services to the community in general, either globally or locally: organizations delivering medical wellness-related projects, support for developmental programs, medical research, and or similar causes.